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Men's Cotton Linen Long Pants Summer Solid Color Breathable Linen Trousers Male Casual Elastic Waist Casual Pants Harajuku Trous

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What you need to know about Linen

(Is it normal for linen to have some wrinkles? Linen is a relatively natural fabric, less wrinkle-resistant, not easy to wrinkle, it is not real linen. Random wrinkles are just the way to manage the temperament of linen. The drape of the clothes is very good, and the clothes will be flat when the water is dry

[What are the benefits of wearing linen clothes in summer]

1. cool

It is more suitable to wear linen clothes in summer. You will sweat more in hot summer. Linen is very absorbent, and even a little sweat will be absorbed. Even if you sweat a little, you will not feel sticky discomfort on the skin. cool

2. dry

Linen can absorb 20% of its own weight in water, and can quickly release the absorbed water, keeping you dry no matter how much you sweat

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