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DARHMMY Male Female Multifunctional Mannequin Nurse Training Manikin Simulator Nursing Training Dummy Model

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Product description

Made of PVC material

Main functions:

1. Wash your face and take a bath in bed

2. Oral care

3. Tracheotomy nursing

4. Oxygen inhalation therapy

5. Nasal feeding

6. Gastric lavage

7. Intracardiac injection

8. First aid method of extrathoracic cardiac resuscitation

9. Pneumothorax

10. Thoracentesis

11. Liver puncture

12. Abdominal puncture

13. Bone marrow puncture

14. Lumbar puncture

15. Deltoid injection

16. Subcutaneous injection of lower deltoid muscle

17. Intravenous injection

18. Venipuncture

19. Intravenous infusion

20. Intravenous transfusion

21. Female catheterization

22. Female enema

23. Gluteal muscle injection

24. Breast care


G.W.: 12KGS

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