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DARHMMY Baby Infarction Model Infant Airway Obstruction Training Manikin CPR Choking Manikin Medical Teaching Tool

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Product description

The advanced infant airway obstruction and CPR model product can be operated by Heidegger's first aid for children. The simulant is designed according to the anatomical and physiological characteristics of children. It is suitable for tracheal foreign bodies, which are common in infants. Because the epiglottic cartilage of infants is immature and its function is not perfect, it is easy to inhale the oral contents into the trachea to cause tracheal obstruction and asphyxia when the infants talk, laugh, fight and engage in violent activities.

(1) Back volley method: ride the child across and lie prone on the arm of the first aider, with the head lower than the trunk, fix the head, and put his arm on the thigh of the first aider, and then use the grasp of the other hand to volley the back between the two shoulder blades of the child for 4-6 times, so that the internal pressure of the respiratory tract rises suddenly, which is helpful to loosen the foreign body and expel it out of the body.

(2) Chest finger slamming method: the child takes the supine position and holds it in the arms of the first aider, with the head slightly lower than the trunk. The first aider presses 4-6 places at the junction of the line between the two nipples and the midline of the sternum with two fingers. If necessary, it can be used alternately with the above methods. Until the foreign body is discharged or the child loses consciousness.

Functional features:

■ normal airway obstruction simulation;

■ standard CPR operations can be performed: artificial respiration and external cardiac compression;

■ chest expansion during airway penetration;

■ simulation of asphyxia and foreign body blocking airway;

■ standard infant human comparison design and accurate standard layout;

■ precise anatomical structure, accessible to sternum and ribs;

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